Anemone In A Fish-Only Saltwater Aquarium? Tips To Maintain Good Water Quality Of Fish Tank (2021)

I have heard it is left to slightly more experienced aquarists to have coral in their saltwater aquariums, but I was interested in starting a saltwater aquarium with anemones.

Is it easier/ just as difficult to take care of anemones in a saltwater tank with some fish in it? (the usual clown or two and some damsels) Do you need the same equipment as a tank with coral?

Keeping your water clean and fresh is a great way to ensure that your saltwater fish stay healthy and colorful. But it must be done correctly or else it can actually stress the fish out and possibly cause disease to set in. The article below will go over how to change water in a saltwater aquarium the right way.

How To Change Water In A Saltwater Aquarium

The first thing you need to do is have a container that will only hold saltwater and nothing else. This will eliminate the possibility of using a container that had potentially toxic chemicals in it that could kill or sicken your fish.

In this container you should mix your saltwater up and let it mix with a small aquarium power head for at least 24 hours. Letting it mix 24 hours will ensure that all the chemicals dissolve and the properties of the water equalize. It will also allow any ammonia that can occur when mixing new salt to dissipate.

You should also have a heater in the water and have it set so it is within two degrees of your main tank. Also, make sure that you mix the replacement water so that it is exactly the same salinity as your display tank.

After your water is mixed and ready to go you should shut off all equipment in your tank. Make double sure to unplug your heater because a unsubmerged heater may turn on and get hot. When the colder aquarium water touches it it could shatter!

You must then siphon the old tank water out making sure to vacuum the gravel bed to remove settled debris or if you have live rock try and remove any settled debris from it.

A good way to do this is to take a small powerhead and blow the rock off just before you drain the water from your aquarium.

After the water has been drained pour the new water in slowly making sure to not disturb the tank’s decorations or gravel too much. At this time you may also want to change any filter pads or material so the tank get s a fresh clean start.

Try and change at least 25% of your tank’s water every month and split it up into two or three smaller changes rather than one large one. This will lessen the stress on your saltwater fish.

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