Breeding Sensitive Cichlid: All About Cyprichromis Leptosoma

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Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpimbwe “Black Bee” male pictured.

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Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpimbwe “Black Bee” photos

  • Common Name:
  • Locations Collected From: Has a fairly wide distribution with each location having a different coloration.
  • Approximate Size: 4 inches
  • Food: Not really picky.  They will eat flake, pellet, frozen and live foods.
  • Water Conditions: Needs a pH between 7.8 – to at least 8.6 and a temperature between 75 – 78 degrees.  These fish tend to be ammonia sensitive with even small amounts being lethal.  High temperatures (82 degrees and higher) can also be deadly for these fish.
  • Breeding Behavior: Mouthbrooder.  Multiple males can be kept in the same tank with multiple females for each male.  The dominate male will chase the females and subdominant males away from his area around spawning time.   Brooding females will frequently not carry their eggs when frightened.  This species has also been known to jump out of the tank when frightened.
  • Tankmates: Should do well with more peaceful tankmates like Synodontis catfish and Benthochromis tricoti.  Frontosa and Tropheus are not recommended.

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