Cyprinids: Barbs: Silver Shark Guide

Scientific name(s): 

Balantiocheilus melanopterus

Max size: 

35 cm


Peaceful schooling fish

Suggested for: 

Community tanks with all but the smallest community fish, planted tanks

Water quality: 

neutral to acidic pH, soft to moderate hardness, regular partial water changes


24 to 28°C




Despite their large size, silver sharks are extremely peaceful fish and can be kept with fish much smaller than themselves. However, they should not be kept with very tiny fish. They need plenty of swimming room. Avoid sudden changes or extremes in pH as these can cause great stress. Strong filtration is recommended to keep oxygen levels high. Keep the tank covered as they are excellent jumpers. Although called a shark for its resemblance in shape, the silver shark is more closely related to the barbs than to the other shark-type cyprinids.

Suggested foods: 

A good quality tropical flake or granules, frozen shrimp and worms foods, daphnia, beefheart.


females may be plumper when in spawning condition.

Expect to pay: 

around $7.00


very good

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