How do sharks communicate with one another?

How do sharks communicate? This is the question that comes to your mind whenever you think about sharks. How can they understand each other? Do they use any body language? These are the most asked questions about sharks. So in this article, we will see how sharks communicate and how they understand each other.

Communication Method of sharks

Sharks use different types of activities to communicate or sense others. For example, different animals use different senses they smell, hear, make sounds and even send signals to each other and communicate. Sharks cannot make any noise but they can use smell, hearing, and other senses to communicate. The Sharks have the ability to sense the electromagnetic field of others and can locate where they are. Underwater sharks can sense their presence by their electromagnetic field and this is how they find out their prey.

In day time sharks stay with other sharks so they use body movements and visual actions to communicate with each other. In the water, they can feel the vibration by which they also can communicate. They use their body gesture to talk to each other for example if two sharks are after the same prey they will hit each other by tapping their tail. This means they are warning other sharks not to go behind their prey.

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The shark can communicate by Fins

Sharks are not able to make any noise or create any sound. Although they can use their body to talk. They also use their fins to communicate. By using this touching sense they can tell other sharks whether they are in good mood or in an aggressive mood. They use pectoral fins for touching indications. Also when they are sleeping if they are relaxed and but feel danger around so they keep their pectoral fins very close to them. This will tell other sharks about their aggression and indicate not to disturb them. 

They not only use pectoral fins but also uses dorsal fins to communicate. When they keep their dorsal fins in an upward direction it means that they are showing violence and threat to other sharks who are swimming near to them. Similarly, if they keep their dorsal fin downward it means they are in good mood and there is no threat to swimming around them.

Sharks can communicate by Smelling

Sharks can use their smelling sense to communicate. They can smell the odor of their other mates to locate them. Their nostrils are quite far from each other by which they can smell two different odors at once. Using their smelling power they can find their prey as well.


Sharks cannot use sounds, they use body gestures to communicate with each other. According to their body gestures, you can assume what are their moods. Either they are angry and do not want anyone near them or they are in good mood and do not feel any fear or threat. They can sense the electromagnetic field of others and can locate them. We hope this article is really helpful for you.

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