I Want A Salt Water Aquarium Of About 5 Gallons, How Much Will It Cost To Maintain For A Month?

And what are the cheapest type of fish for salt water?

Most people who want to bring beauty into their home often turn to saltwater aquariums. The color an movement of marine fish is hard to beat and when done correctly a saltwater fish tank is truly stunning. However most people are not sure how to start a saltwater aquarium so it has long term success.

How To Start A Saltwater Aquarium That Will Last?

The first thing you need to do is select a spot for your tank. Make sure that it is not hit by direct sunlight as this can increase algae growth. make sure it is away from drafty windows or doors because this can cause temperature swings. You should also make sure that it will have a sturdy surface to sit on.

Never set a aquarium on thick carpet where it could easily tip over. Saltwater weights almost 10 lbs per gallon and the weight of the tank and other items can easily push a 55 gallon tank over 650 lbs, this is weight that can hurt or injure if it should fall one some one. If you must put it on carpeted area trim the carpet around the tank so it can sit on the wood sub floor.

After you know where your tank is going to go you will want to put the biggest tank you can fit into the area that you can afford. A larger tank is more stable and will give you more fish options. However if this is your first marine aquarium you may want to hold it under 125 gallons.

The next step is to research and select the types of marine fish you want to keep in your saltwater aquarium. This is the step that people often do after their tanks is set up. But if you do it before you will be able to select equipment for the fish you want and this will give you the best set up possible.

Pre-planning for fish will allow you to identify any problems species or potential aggressive fish. The last thing you want is to put a aggressive fish into a tank full of peaceful marine aquarium fish, the results could be devastating.

If you are setting up a new Saltwater Aquarium and feeling a little confused then you need to have our marine aquarium guide on your side. Our marine aquarium guide will give you a complete step-by-step plan to follow for a successful marine aquarium full of healthy thriving fish. You can learn more by visiting http://www.dseventures.com

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