Perches, Basses & Cods: Silver Perch Guide

Scientific name(s): 

Bidyanus bidyanus

Max size: 

40 cm, common to around 30 cm


Nippy and aggressive fish

Suggested for: 

Can be housed with robust fishes such as similarly sized grunters, cichlids, large indoor unheated aquaria, large ponds or dams

Water quality: 

pH neutral to alkaline, slightly to quite hard water


2 to 35°C


Murray-Darling River system


The silver perch is another native species that is threatened in the wild, with only very low numbers now found. Fortunately, they are now bred in captivity in large numbers and many of these captive-bred fish are used to replenish wild populations.

Like other grunter-type fish these are quite aggressive fish, though not as nasty as some. Juveniles form loose schools and even adults tolerate each other quite well. However, tankmates should only be robust fish that can withstand or avoid any aggressions. In the wild they consume some algae and plant matter, giving spirulina-based foods as part of the diet is recommended.

Suggested foods: 

A good quality tropical granules or pellet, supplemented with frozen shrimp and worm foods, beef heart, fish, squid and cockle meat, krill, vegetable-based foods.


No external differences

Expect to pay: 

around $3.00 to $5.00


fairly good

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