Red Hump Cichlid – Freshwater Earth-eaters Guide

Scientific name(s): 

Geophagus steindachneri

Max size: 

25 cm, but rarely exceeds 15 cm


Generally peaceful fish

Suggested for: 

Community tanks with medium to large-sized community fish, but avoid very tiny fish and fancy-finned species

Water quality: 

pH around neutral or slightly acidic, soft to moderately hard water.


24 to 28°C


South America


Redhumps are one of the most peaceful cichlids and are barely even territorial, except when spawning, when they can be aggressive. Like other Geophagus, these fish sift the sand for food, and using fine gravel is recommended. Well-rooted plants are not bothered. These fish retreats amongst rocks or ornaments. Redhumps differ from other Geophagus in their more specialized mouthbrooding behaviour (see below), and sexual differences, including the hump developed by the males. It is likely that they will be assigned to their own genus, but for the moment are still classified as Geophagus.

Suggested foods: 

A good quality tropical flake, granule, or pellet supplemented with frozen shrimp & worm foods, daphnia, beef heart.


Red humps spawn on rocks but the eggs are taken immediately into the female’s mouth. The females guard the eggs and fry for around 20 days, while the male defends a territory, which may include more than one female.


Males have a more intense color and an orange spot at each corner of their mouths, they develop a red cephalic hump with maturity.

Expect to pay: 

around $7.00 to $8.00


fairly good

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