To Make Your Aquarium Beautiful: Placement Of Fluorescent Leather Coral In Fish Tank

So I went to my favorite local fish store for my routine purchase of saltwater however as usual I was distracted by the new shipment of corals!

An enchanting piece caught my eye, it was a leather coral also known as a toadstool, however, it was different from the ones I’ve seen before as it had a bright fluorescent green skin and it looked amazing. It had only been in the store for one day so it hadn’t reached the point of extending its polyps however I knew I had to have it in my saltwater aquarium and for $35 I wasn’t going to miss out.

I took the leather coral home and looked for the best position in my saltwater aquarium. The local fish store expert mentioned it likes a bottom to middle position and in full light. I placed it on the right-hand side of my tank at the front in the sand bed. Two days passed and I was beginning to wonder if the coral was ever going to extend its polyps. The fact that it hadn’t yet shown me that it wasn’t comfortable with its position.

I noted that the leather coral was sitting very close to my vortex pump which would have been providing strong uneven flow. I moved the leather coral to the other side of my saltwater aquarium and then went off to work. When I came home later that day I was greeted by the most amazing site… a fully flourishing fluorescent green leather coral!

It’s an amazing piece and is now the most eye-catching in my saltwater aquarium. They do not appear difficult to keep, they just need to be in the correct position for both light and flow. Definitely, a coral worth having in your saltwater aquarium.

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