Understanding Small Size Saltwater Fish: Haplochromis Thereuterion

Haplochromis thereuterion

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  • Common name:
  • Location and Lake collected from: Mwanza Gulf, Lake Victoria
  • Approximate size: 5 inches
  • Food: Pellet and flake food mix. This species eats insects on the water surface in the wild.
  • pH: 7.5 – 8.0
  • Temperature: 76 – 80 degrees F.
  • Breeding behavior: Mouthbrooder. Males don’t seem to be very aggressive towards the females. They seem to spawn sporadically and have small spawns.
  • Tankmates: I have not seen them in with anything else.
  • Tank size: I have seen 5 adults in a 50 gallon breeder aquarium.
  • Additional notes: This fish is often confused with the Lipochromis sp. Matumbi Hunter. Haplochromis thereuterion is a heavier built fish with horizontal and verticle bars. The Lipochromis sp. Matumbi Hunter is a lighter built fish with only the horizontal bar.

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