What Does Harpagochromis sp. Golden Duck Eat? Information About Species

Harpagochromis sp. Golden Duck

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  • Common name:  Golden Duck
  • Location and Lake collected from:
  • Approximate size:  About 4 inches.
  • Food:  Mine have eaten flake, and frozen brine shrimp with out problems.  The brine shrimp has been their favorite food that I have tried so far.  They hold their weight better eating 3 or 4 times a day with a higher protein diet.
  • pH:  7.6 – 8.4
  • Temperature:  75 – 82 degrees F
  • Breeding behavior:  Mouthbrooder.  My males are somewhat aggressive towards the females around spawning time.  I have been able to keep multiple males in the same tank without problems.  Two of my 3 inch females held for about 16 days and produced between 7 and 11 fry, while another 3 inch female held for approximately 18 days and produced 19 fry.  The largest spawn I have had is approximately 34 fry.
  • Care of the Fry:  The fry can eat crushed flake food and other small foods.
  • Tankmates:  I have not tried mine in with anything else yet.
  • Tank size:  I am temporarily keeping 10 young adults in a 40 gallon long aquarium.
  • Additional notes:  This species is sometimes confused with Haplochromis sp. Palisa Black Slick.  Harpagochromis sp. Golden Duck is a more elongated fish and when male Golden Ducks are showing breeding coloration, they lack the blue sheen that Haplochromis sp. Palisa Black Slick males have.  Harpagochromis sp. Golden Duck females and young adults have more of a yellow coloration that Haplochromis sp. Palisa Black Slick lacks.

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