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Are You Wondering Which Anemone You Should Buy? Tips For Choosing Bubble Tip Anemone 2023

So as promised I was going to tell you all about the saga of my bubble tip anemone. After finally overcoming the issues with my much deadlier carpet anemone I decided instead I would purchase a smaller, more colorful bubble tip anemone. It was a nice thought at first and a great experience however I have quickly learned that anemones have a mind of their own!

Firstly, if you want to keep lots of nice corals in your aquarium, I suggest you think twice about purchasing an anemone unless you have a seascape that can isolate it from the majority of your corals or lots of money to spend on replacing your corals! I made the mistake of placing my anemone in a location that allowed ease of movement and growth resulting in danger to corals. They like to stick to things like rocks and the glass of your saltwater aquarium. If you can place it somewhere on the sand bed and let it dig itself into the glass you might find it will not move greatly from there. My bubble tip anemone seemed to gravitate towards my powerhead and would affect the flow of the water. Don’t add any corals until the anemone has been stationary for a few weeks.

After removing my previous carpet anemone I was worried about my 3 clownfish as I had just taken away their home, however, after a few days, I found they settled in quite fine and found new territory to call home. About 3 weeks later I got a surprise when I came home from work and found the clownfish hosting in the small bubble tip anemone. Everything was going well, the clownfish made a new home, the BTA was manageable and in a great spot, corals were happy but any aquarist knows that this newfound peace in your saltwater aquarium doesn’t last forever.

Over the next 3 months the bubble tip anemone repositioned itself and grew at an amazing or should I say alarming rate. I understand that Clownfish feed their anemone host so this would explain the rapid growth. I found myself repositioning corals constantly to avoid them being stung. I also noticed as the anemone grew it lost its clear yellow color and beautiful purple tips. It also began stretching out and eventually lost its bubble tips and just became this large stringy beast!

I let this go on for another 3 months and finally made the executive decision to remove the bubble tip anemone. I first started this aquarium to have beautiful corals and fish and unfortunately, the bubble tip anemone was making this more difficult. I once again angered the clownfish to the point where the female would consistently bite my finger when my hands in the tank and she still does o this day! However, they quickly adapted to life without a host. I have since added a large hammer coral that I am hoping will play host to the 3 clownfish, fingers crossed!

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