Learn More About The Lake Victoria Basin And The Cichlids That Live There

Satellite Photos

Lake Victoria

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Lake Victoria Water Hyacinth Blooms Visible From Space

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Water Hyacinth Blooms are shown in red.

Lake Victoria River

River partial hidden by clouds

Lake Albert

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Lake Edward

Lakes Edward And George

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Lake Kivu

Lake Kyoga

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Lakes Kyoga And Kwania

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Informational Links

We have created this page to link to articles and other information about The Lake Victoria Basin and the cichlids that live there on the internet.  We try to check the links from time to time but if you happen to find a link that is not working please let us know.  If you know of an article and would like to submit the link, please contact us.

The effect of male coloration of female mate choice in closely related Lake Victoria Cichlids (Haplochromis nyererei complex)  An article by Ole Seehausen and Jacques J. M. van Alphen discussing the role coloration has in the mating of Victorian Cichlids

An interesting site on Water Hyacinth in Lake Victoria and plans for removal An excellent site that describes the problems that the Water Hyacinth is causing and what the solution will be.

A translated version of new scientific classifications by Ole Seehausen  An excellent article describing some of the most recent scientific classification changes including the introduction of 3 new genus and 15 new species.

TED Case Studies: Lake Victoria An interesting case study of Lake Victoria with lots of valuable information

Scientists Unveil Lake Victoria’s Secret An article that appeared in Frontiers May of 1997 discussing the finding of the age of Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria Environmental Management A discussion in dollars and cents about what is wrong with the lake plans to fix it, and some interesting background information on the lake.

Act Decisively on Pollution of Lake An editorial about the pollution of Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria: A Sick Giant Another article on the situation in Lake Victoria

Endangered Cichlids Information about some of the endangered species of Lake Victoria with photos by Dr. Paul Loiselle

Recommended books on Lake Victoria Cichlids

Lake Victoria Rock Cichlids  written by Ole Seehausen with the forward by Les Kaufman this book is second to none.

Darwin’s Dreampond: Drama in Lake Victoria  written by Tijs Goldschmidt

Lake Victoria Basin Cichlids  written by Mark Smith

Other articles to look for:

Extinction of Many, Survival of Some by Ole Seehausen and Dr. Frans Witte.   Tropical Fish Hobbyist March 1995 pages 96 – 105.

The “Mbuna” of Lake Victoria by Ole Seehausen.  Tropical Fish Hobbyist April 1995 pages 212 – 226.

Victorian Secrets by Mike Raymond.   Tropical Fish Hobbyist April 1995 pages 16 – 28.

Trekking for Cichlids in Uganda by Laif DeMason.  Tropical Fish Hobbyist August 1995 pages 8 – 20.

Aquarium Fish Magazine March 1999 page 8. A question about Haplochromis “macula” in the Cichlid Forum section answered by Paul V. Loiselle.

Aquarium Fish Magazine May 1997 pages 5 – 6. Another question about Lake Victoria in the Cichlid Forum section answered by Paul V. Loiselle.

Breeding Astatotilapia Bloyeti by Iggy Tavares.    Tropical Fish Hobbyist May 2000 pages 46 – 52.

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