Tankmate For Aggressive Species: All About Julidochromis Marlieri

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Julidochromis marlieri

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Julidochromis marlieri pictured.

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Julidochromis marlieri female pictured.

  • Common Names: Location names are used.
  • Locations Collected From: Magara, Halembe, Kala, Katili, Samazi, Kambwimba, Isanga, Cape Tembwe, and Katoto.
  • Approximate Size: 4 inches. This is another Tanganyikan species where the female is larger than the male.
  • Food: Will eat just about anything offered. Mine have eaten flake, brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, and pellet foods.
  • Water Conditions: Likes a pH between 7.8 and 9+ with a temperature between 75 and 80 degress.
  • Breeding Behavior: Egglayer. They can be aggressive towards most of their tankmates while guarding their territory. They need rocks and caves in the tank to hide in and spawn in. They get very aggressive after they form a pair and will chase everything else in the tank with them. It is best to remove all other tankmates after they pair off to minimize aggression. 
  • Tankmates: Should do well with more aggressive Tanganyikans, Mbuna, and some Victorian Cichlids. I have kept them in with Haplochromis obliquidens, Psuedotropheus aurora, Psuedotropheus chilumba, Cynotilapia afra “Black Eastern”, Labidochromis caeruleus, Labidochromis sp. Mbamba, Labidochromis sp. Perlmutt, Altolamprologus calvus, Altolamprologus compressiceps, and Neolamprologus leleupi. I have seen them kept with Cyphotilapia frontosa, Tropheus species, Chalinochromis brichardi, Iodotropheus sprengerae “Rusty”, Psuedotropheus estherae “Red Zebra”, and other Julidochromis species without problems.

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