Water Changes Of Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Water changes are an essential part of your saltwater aquarium maintenance schedule. Each week any evaporated water should be replaced with prepared saltwater and any algae growing on the glass removed appropriately. Partial water changes can be performed either weekly or fortnightly depending on how well the system is maintained overall in addition to the species of fish and other creatures within the tank. Siphoning of any excess debris or waste matter should be undertaken with fortnightly water changes.

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An important tip when undertaking water changes of Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance is to have the saltwater pre-mixed a day early as the mixture is less caustic and this will ensure your fish are not harmed or shocked by the sudden addition of new water. Alternatively, if your local fish store sells fresh saltwater, I would recommend using this if convenient as this is the most natural solution and it may assist in reducing abnormal algae growth. It also means nothing artificial is going into the aquarium and this assists in the overall balance of your saltwater aquarium ecosystem.

On top of ongoing water changes, you may also need to top up the water level of your saltwater aquarium due to evaporation, especially during warmer months. Prior to topping up your water, conduct a quick salinity check. In most cases, the salinity may have increased slightly due to the increase in salt due to evaporation. In this circumstance, it is acceptable to just ad freshwater that has been treated via reverse osmosis. Alternatively, if the salinity is a little on the low side you can easily mix a portion of salt mix into the top-up water to bring the levels up.

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