Are You A Saltwater Fish Tank Beginner? Tips For Setting Up Your Aquarium And Choosing Species 2023

A saltwater fish tank can be one of the most striking additions to any home or office. The color and brilliance of the fish and other saltwater creatures captivate just about everyone by bringing the color and activity of a coral reef right into your home.

If you are new to saltwater fish tanks then it is a good idea to seek the expert advice of a professional fish tank keeper before setting up your tank. It does take quite a bit of up-front work before you can even begin to introduce fish, corals, and anemones to a new saltwater aquarium. The water needs to be at the optimum ph, temperature, and salt content before it is safe for living animals. Because the fish and other creatures are quite expensive it pays to have the tank properly set up otherwise you could end up with sick or dying fish whose cost is impossible to recoup.

The fish you can put in one of these aquariums are quite breathtaking. The lights of the tank help bring out the true colors of these fish and colored corals creating a lively vibrant habitat. One thing you can do to further the illusion of the deep blue sea is to add a solid blue background to your tank.

When it comes to choosing fish there are literally hundreds to choose from. Some of the choices include Lion Fish, Puffer Fish, Clown Fish (think Nemo), Eels, Panther Groups, Trigger Fish, Shrimps, Crabs, and Dog Puffers. You do want to be careful with the shrimps, crabs, and snails because they can and will eat any anemones you may have.

There are some saltwater aficionados who keep tanks with just living corals and anemones in them which can be quite colorful and entertaining, just at a more relaxed pace. You can keep some fish in these types of tanks but to be aware that some fish view coral and anemones as food. Even though anemones look like plants they are actually living creatures that need to be fed. This is actually quite fun because you can hand feed them. You place the on top of the anemones tentacles and then watch it curl itself around the food as it draws it into its mouth. It’s quite an amazing thing to watch.

You will also need to research the type of fish you are interested in to see how they get along with other types of fish. It is important to remember that the dynamics of a saltwater fish tank will be much like that in a real coral reef. There is prey and there are predators so it makes sense to not mix certain types of fish that have this type of relationship.

There are also some types of saltwater fish that are poisonous with Lion Fish being the most notable example. They are pretty to look at and add to any tank but the spines on their fins are highly toxic if you get stung. If this does happen you will need to seek medical help.

Setting up a saltwater fish tank takes some time and planning but if it done right it will provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests.

By: Andrew Bicknell

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