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Best Aquarium Heater 2023: 7+ Most Reliable Brand For Maintaining Water Temperature with No Trouble

How We Picked Out the Best Models in the Category of Aquarium Heaters?

To choose the most popular and most reliable aquarium heater models of the year we made a deep analysis of this segment of the market. We’ve studied several hundreds of aquarium heater reviews of real customers. It helped us to single out the main pros and cons of every heater and nominate prospective leaders.

The second stage of our research was the real-life testing of the chosen models. For testing, we used two standard aquariums 15 and 30 gallons (without live fish, just with water). One of them was filled with salted water, another with fresh water.

Our goal was to estimate the build quality, design, the accuracy of temperature measuring, the consistency of water temperature, and some other key parameters. As a result, the seven best models were chosen. All of them are efficient and reliable enough, and all of them are highly estimated by real customers.

Best Aquarium Heaters of the Year 2023: a Comparative Chart

 BrandViaAqua 50-Watt HeaterAqueon Pro Heater Aquarium HeaterEHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat HeaterTetra HT Submersible Aquarium HeaterHygger Mini Digital Aquarium Heater
Type of a heaterSubmersibleSubmersibleSubmersibleSubmersibleSubmersible 
Type of waterFresh or saltedFresh or saltedFresh or saltedFresh or saltedFresh or salted
Power (W)5015020050300
Applicable tank size (gallons)Up to 13Up to 50Up to 100Up to 10Up to 50
Build qualityGoodExcellentExcellentMediumGood
Temperature range (F)68-9368-8865-93Non-adjustable: around 7835-93
WarrantyNot specifiedLimited lifetime warranty3 yearsNot specified1 year

Top Aquarium Heater 2023: Our Choice

Here is our list of best aquarium heater models. For every heater, we tried to single out the pros and cons. Read and decide what top-rated aquarium heater is best for you.

ViaAqua 50-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat

1-Best Strong Material Heater

Durable material – I have an aquarium with large turtles, when launching into the water have broken several heaters. Got this product and I was very surprised by the quality and thickness of the glass, even resists the temperature change from cold to hot (moderate) of the water with the heater disconnected.

This is a simple small aquarium heater that is able to maintain a fixed temperature in a 10- 13-gallon tank. It is fully submersible and can be used in both salted and freshwater. But for larger aquariums, this 50-watt aquarium heater can turn out to be too weak.


  • adjustable temperature;
  • for salted- or freshwater aquariums;
  • convenient temperature setting;
  • high-quality materials: sturdy plastic and quartz glass.


  • the temperature needs to be adjusted manually;
  • sometimes doesn’t cope with the heating of a 13-gallon tank;
  • tends to turn off before the temperature reaches the preset value.

Aqueon Pro Heater Aquarium Heater

2-Aqueon Pro Heater Best For Outdoor Use

Brilliant for the outdoor pond in winter – Most days the water feels warm. I would 100% recommend this heater for outdoor ponds in the winter: it has worked absolutely perfectly for that purpose for me! Works much better than a similar wattage pond deicer and much more economically than a higher wattage pond deicer.

This is another terrific aquarium heater with a thermostat (electronic). It is lightweight and compact but very robust and, as the manufacturer claims, 100% shatterproof and shockproof. It is a fully submersible heater; easy to use and reliable.

  • an exceptional build quality;
  • the accuracy of temp measurements and displaying;
  • electronic thermostat;
  • lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • tends to rust over time;
  • sometimes (though rarely) doesn’t maintain the preset temperature. The solution is a more powerful option.

EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater

3- EHEIM Best For Budget

Brilliant for the outdoor pond in winter – fantastic product always high quality and reliability from Eheim, an excellent product for small aquariums, top marks

The EHEIM Aquarium Heater is a great example of a reliable modern medium-priced device. It has a conventional design, sturdy shock-resistant construction, and all the necessary features. The good news is a wide range of watts available from 50 to 300 W.


  • easy setting;
  • the proprietary TruTemp system for more precise measurements;
  • a decent build quality, shock resistance;
  • durable and reliable;
  • it turns off automatically when there’s a risk of overheating.


  • it is longer than usual;
  • sometimes doesn’t cope with the claimed tank size.

Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater With Electronic Thermostat

4-Tetra HT Best For Beginners

Simple Use and Great Buy – I love these. I have been keeping tropical aquariums for 45 years and temperature control just doesn’t get any easier than this. I just drop them in the tank, give them some time to acclimatize, and plug them in. There is nothing to adjust ever.

The Tetra HT submersible is a fantastic low-budget option. It can seem a bit plain and too small but on the plus side, it is a really cheap aquarium heater, which does its job well, especially in small aquariums. But keep in mind that for a larger tank, you’d better buy a more powerful device.


  • very affordable;
  • easy to set up and use;
  • fully submersible;
  • a shatterproof construction;
  • an electronic thermostat.


  • not very durable;
  • for smaller tanks only.

Hygger mini Digital Aquarium Heater

5-Hygger Mini Aquarium Heater

This 300w aquarium heater suits for heating bigger aquariums up to 50 gallons of water. Beware that other options are also available (from 100 to 500 Watt). The heater is affordable and does its job well.


  • fully submersible;
  • fast and accurate heating;
  • a bright indicator;
  • adjustable temperature;
  • can be placed vertically and horizontally
  • one-year warranty.


  • suction cups are not perfect;
  • sometimes doesn’t cope with the claimed tank size.

Verdict and Recommendations

We’ve reviewed seven great models of submersible aquarium heaters on our aquarium blog site. Your final choice will depend on your particular needs. For example, the Tetra aquarium heater, as well as the Top Fin aquarium heater, will not fit into a large tank, so you’ll better choose a large aquarium heater like FLUVAL E 300 Watt.

If you are looking for a good 50-gallon aquarium heater, consider Aqueon Pro Heater, which has the excellent build quality and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Finally, if you are looking for the most affordable option for a small tank, try the ViaAqua heater it is cheap but effective and does its job really well.

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