Fish Tank Maintenance Tips and Ideas

Aqua life is very sensitive they require clean space and clean water. That is why it is important to clean and maintain the aquarium tank after every few days. As maintenance and cleaning of the aquarium are very much important that is why we are sharing some fish tank maintenance tips and ideas with you. With the help of these ideas, you can maintain your aquarium and keep your marine life safe.

Spending 20-30 minutes after every week on the maintenance of the aquarium tank is much better than spending time on some serious issues. There are several things that you can do to keep your tank safe and new.

aquarium cleaning
Aquarium Maintenance

1- Water Change

Changing aquarium tank water is the most important thing in aquarium maintenance. If you do not change the water after every few days you can feel smelling water and this is not good for fish as well. Clean water and the bottom of the tank. By cleaning the bottom of the tank with the help of an aquarium vacuum you can clean all the food remaining and wastes.

2- Changing aquarium Filter

After changing the water aquarium filter must also be changed weekly or monthly depending upon the filter features. This is how you can keep your tank clean and eye-catching. Clean water and a clean tank grab everyone’s attention so keeping the aquarium tank maintained and clean is very important.  

3- Clean tank glass

Cleaning the glass of the tank is not easy but if you keep cleaning the glass weekly this will never get dirty. Algae can cause serious issues. A little green in the tank is not that dangerous but if you keep cleaning it will not cause problems. Algae can spread on all tank surfaces and can block oxygen which is too dangerous for aquatic life. That is why cleaning algae from the glass is very important.

4- Marinating pH Level

pH levels basically measure whether the acidity and alkalinity in the water are balanced or not. Fish can survive only in balanced water and can die if the pH level changes. That is why always keep checking the pH level of the tank water. This is also one of the important fish tank maintenance tips.  You can check the pH level of tank water with the pH test kit available on the market. The pH level of freshwater is from 6.6 to 6.8. While the saltwater pH level lies from 7.6 to 8.4. Not only pH but also check required chemicals like nitrate, nitrite, and ammine that they are in the right amount or not. 

5- Check Water Temperature

You should make sure that the water temperature must be comfortable for the fishes inside the aquarium tank. A little change in the water temperature can cause fish death which is not good. So keep checking tank water temperature. Freshwater fish needs water temperature from 72F to 82F similarly saltwater fishes need 75F to 80F temperature.


If you are having an aquarium you must have accessories for the aquarium like an aquarium kit, cleaning equipment, etc. I hope you like these fish tank maintenance tips and ideas. You must follow these tips if you want a healthy aquarium and aquatic life.

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