Fish With Small Eyes And Unique Teeth: All About Haplochromis sp. Blue Obliquidens

Haplochromis sp. Blue Obliquidens (26083 bytes)
  • Common names:
  • Location and Lake collected from:  Makobe Island in the South-western Speke Gulf, Lake Victoria.
  • Approximate size:  3 – 3.5 inches.
  • Food:  Will eat just about any foods from flake, or pellet, to spirulina. In the wild, this species is an opportunistic feeder and has been observed scraping algae off of rocks along with eating insect larvae.
  • pH:  7.5 – 8.4
  • Temperature:  76 – 82 degrees F.
  • Breeding behavior:  Mouthbrooder.  Can be very aggressive while defending their territory.
  • Tankmates:  I have not seen them in with anything else.
  • Tank size:  I have seen a few adults in a 20-gallon aquarium without any problems.
  • Additional notes:  This species has the same unique tooth shape as Haplochromis obliquidens.  The major differences between this species and Haplochromis obliquidens are male coloration and Haplochromis sp. Blue Obliquidens have smaller eyes.

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