How To Make A Healthy Aquarium? Care Guidelines You Must Know For Your Saltwater Fish Tank 2021

Are saltwater aquariums easy to care for?

I’ve had goldfish before. I’ve been planning to get a tropical aquarium, but then I noticed how pretty saltwater fish are, they are a lot prettier than the fish you can have in tropical aquariumsโ€ฆ I was wondering if saltwater aquariums are as easy to take care of as tropical aquariumsโ€ฆthanks for any help!

Any type of saltwater aquarium algae is frustrating for aquarium keepers to control and eliminate. But if you can get to the cause of the problem it can be an easy battle to fight.

Causes Of Saltwater Aquarium Algae

Algae is a naturally occurring part of any ecosystem so you can never eliminate it entirely from your aquarium, but you can control it. The fist step in controlling algae in the saltwater aquarium is understanding that algaeโ€™s role in the ecosystem is to ensure that nutrients never reach toxic levels to other animals in the environment so if you have in in excess you have  system that is out of balance.

In most cases causes of aquarium algae can be traced to two main situations and those are as follows

Excess Nutrients- Having to many fish in a tank can cause nitrate and phosphate levels to rise to levels that will cause an environment where algae can thrive and grow.

The nitrates and phosphates come from fish waste as well as to much food being introduced into the system.

Some saltwater fish keepers that have over stocked tanks try and compensate for this with bigger filters and protein skimmers but in the long run you are going to have to reduce the bio load of your tank to make the red slime algae go away.

Low Oxygen Levels- If your tank is over stocked or has low circulation you could have a build up of C02. This excess C02 will spark an algae bloom in your tank, this is your systems way of kicking in to keep oxygen levels high enough to keep fish and coral alive. A sign of low oxygen levels is a PH level that is under 8.0.

If you think you have low oxygen levels the best thing to do is increase your flow levels and surface agitation in your tank. If after a week there is no improvement in PH or algae levels you may have to start reducing fish load to increase oxygen levels.

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If you are considering starting your own saltwater aquarium there are a few things, you should consider before you get started. Mainly, freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums are quite different. Aside from the obvious distinction of the type of fish, and plants that you can put in your saltwater aquarium are the care and maintenance required for the proper function of the aquarium. In this article, we discuss some of the key factors you should consider when it comes to aquarium care for a saltwater aquarium. After reading this article, you should easily be able to care for and maintain a saltwater aquarium with ease.

One of the biggest differences and the hardest things about a saltwater aquarium is the waiting. After you decide, you want a saltwater tank you will have to wait upwards of thirty days before you can start to populate your fish tank with any inhabitants. Saltwater tanks require specific chemical levels in order to be healthy enough to house fish so before you start adding those expensive fish to your tank you will want to check the water levels and ensure all chemicals are at ideal levels.

Saltwater aquariums also require that only filtered water be used in the tanks this requires additional aquarium care. You must use filtered water when adding water to the tank, which you will have to do on a regular basis, as water will naturally evaporate into the air. The water in the tank should also be filtered on a regular basis; this is achieved with the use of a filtration system. The filtration system helps to keep all chemical levels at the correct levels.

Another part of the aquarium care in the saltwater tank is the cleaning of the tank and the water. You need to clean the tank and the water on a regular basis, at least every two weeks to prevent any build-ups from occurring in the water. Itโ€™s a good idea to keep the extra pre-made saltwater mixture on hand.

Saltwater aquarium care also differs from freshwater care in that there tends to be a lot of buildup of algae in saltwater tanks. Algae needs to be cleaned up and taken out of the tank on a regular basis otherwise the algae can easily take over the tank. Phosphate drops are the best way to handle algae build-up in your tank.

In addition, in order to have a healthy saltwater environment for your fish and plants, you are going to have to invest in a lighting system. The lighting system should be monitored on a daily basis, and the tank should get at least 6 hours of light per day. You can set up the lighting system on a timer if it makes it easier for you to handle this aspect of aquarium care.

As you can see, with a little care and maintenance all it takes is a little time to build your very own saltwater aquarium.

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