Information About Freshwater Fish Blue Ram: Breeding Papiliochromis Ramirezi

Papiliochromis ramirezi (51150 bytes)

Papiliochromis ramirezi male shown.

“Blue Ram”

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“Gold Ram”

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  • Common Name: German Blue Ram, Blue Ram, and Gold Ram.
  • Location Collected From: Columbia, and Venezuela.
  • Approximate Size: About 2 inches
  • Food: Will eat flake food, frozen brine shrimp, and live foods(Mosquito larvae, brine shrimp). Mine seem to prefer live foods over any other type of food.
  • Water Conditions: Needs soft water and temperatures between 78 – 82 degrees F.  This species does well in R/O water.
  • Breeding Behavior: Egglayer.  They form a pair and I have seen them lay their eggs on a piece of driftwood in their tank with a spawn size of around 200 eggs.  Both parents take turns guarding the eggs and once the eggs hatch the parents (if they are good parents) will continue to take care of the free swimming fry.  I have even seen them move their fry from one part of the tank to another area they felt was better for the free swimming fry.  I have seen a pair that couldn’t agree on where to keep their fry.  The male would pick up the fry off of the piece of wood and move them to the far corner of the tank.  While the male did this, the female would come over and pick up the fry and carry them back to their original spot on the wood.  This continued for several hours until the female gave up and let the male move them.
  • Tankmates: I have seen them in with “Gold Rams”, Corydoras catfish, serpae tetras, cardinal tetras, various Apistogramma species, and occasionally with an angel fish or gourami. They can be a peaceful fish until they pair off and start spawning, then they will chase the other fish away from their eggs.  They should do well with other species of dwarf Cichlids.

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