Learning Aquatics: Profile Of Psuedotropheus Lombardoi “Kenyi”

Psuedotropheus lombardoi

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Psuedotropheus lombardoi juvenile pictured.  All lombardoi start out with this blue coloration, with the males changing to an orange color.  Most females keep this blue coloration.

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  • Common Name:  Kenyi
  • Locations Collected From: Mbenji Island and Nkhomo Reef.
  • Approximate Size: 4 inches
  • Food:  Not picky.  They will eat everything including flake, pellet, brine shrimp (frozen and live), and other live foods like mosquito larvae.
  • Water Conditions: Likes a pH between 7.5 – 8.4 with a temperature between 76 – 82 degrees.
  • Breeding Behavior: Mouthbrooder.  Males are very rough on females and no less than 2 females for each male is recommended.  Only one male per tank is also recommended.  These can be very aggressive little fish and can easily kill a larger more peaceful fish that gets into their territory.  They like to have rocks and caves to hide and spawn in and will dig their own caves if given the chance.
  • Tankmates.  They do well with some of the more aggressive species like the Melanochromis species (chipokae, johanni, and auratus), and other Psuedotropheus species (zebras, socolofi, and elongatus) but are a little aggressive for the open water species like Copadichromis, and Aulonocara.

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