Saltwater Aquarium Equipment & Tank Setup For Beginners

A major element of saltwater aquarium maintenance comes down to your equipment. Correct maintenance of your equipment is essential to the well-being of your reef and fish. The protein skimmer cup should be cleaned daily.  It will not hurt the aquarium greatly if this skipped one day every now and then, however, skipping anymore could jeopardize the health of the aquarium.  Whilst monitoring the health of the fish and cleaning the skimmer, the water temperature should also be checked and any required adjustments should also be made.

On a monthly basis, it is recommended that the whole protein skimmer be completely cleaned, including the cleaning of the cup in addition to all hoses and tubes.  If any air stones are present in the tank they should either be substituted with a new one or alternatively cleaned and any carbon from carbon filtration systems should also be changed.

It is recommended when conducting saltwater aquarium maintenance that every three months, all filter canisters and hoses should be comprehensively cleaned inside and out in addition to switching air pads within the air pump.  Care should also be taken to inspect for any signs of damage to impellers, interchange air valves, and replace UV tubes if a UV filter is being utilized.

1-Best Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit Includes LED Lighting and Decor

The Awesome Tank has Hinged on Its Hood!!! – There are plenty of artificial plants in the kit for a start-up and adding the background really “fills” it up. Make sure you have a very sturdy base to set this on as it is very heavy with the water and gravel! The plastic plants are nice, and if you want them they’re all the plants you will need. They have no bad edges for a delicate betta. But live plants are a lot better for a tank, and make maintenance a lot easier

2-Best Wide View Curved Shape Fish Tank with Undetachable 3D Rockery Background Decor

Amazing small tank!! – This tank is extremely nice. Very well made. Absolutely perfect for a planted beta setup. The filter has great flow and comes with an extended spray bar. The background is made very nicely and doesn’t take up a whole lot of the tank. The light seems to be of great quality and seems to be doing very well growing plants so far also! Definitely recommend this tank hands down!

3-Best Adjustable Multifunction Submersible or External Powerful Return Pump for Saltwater & Freshwater Fish Tank

Pump and go submergible floor pump – Well this pump is a great invention for those problems that arise with a suction nozzle head that just pumps it right out of your house. A must-have for anyone that’s worried about fish tank leak problems or even plumbing problems that happen around the house to get the water out soon as possible

4-Best Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters

A great workhorse HOB filter – As long as the water level is at the bottom of the pump box these filters have always self-primed, even with sponge pre-filters attached. These filters continue to function even once the pre-filters are clogged, with a slightly diminished flow rate. I’ve never had any problems with them regarding the operation.

5-Best Penn-Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter With Quad Filtration System

Effective little filter – This filter the way it comes is terrible. It easily passes dirt through because of a stupid design that leaves a gap under the filter element. However, if a cotton ball is placed under the filter element, all dirt and debris are trapped!

On a daily basis as part of your regular saltwater aquarium maintenance, the equipment and accessories should be inspected and care should be taken to ensure that everything is functioning suitably.  Check that there are no leaks on the floor surrounding the aquarium and that the pump sounds like it is running properly.  As you become more acquainted with the saltwater aquarium equipment it becomes easier to detect any peculiar sounds from the equipment which may suggest that it is on the way out.

When you are done setting up your aquarium, you may have some worries about introducing your new fish into your already prepared aquarium. Your worries may stem from the fact that you don’t want parasites to enter the aquarium you have prepared. Well, you need not worry too much. You can remove the parasites from your fish by just dipping the fish into freshwater or into seawater to remove all single-celled external parasites. When setting up the reef for your saltwater aquarium, you may not need to start finding where your reef comes from. This is because there are professionals in the business. These professionals grow and build reefs personally. You can therefore buy reef that has been harvested from their farms, instead of bothering how to find them yourself.

If you are thinking of delving into the aquarium, note that any aquarium project will need your time and commitment if it will be successful. That is why it needs a lot of research before you even start at all. Half preparation will make you give up halfway into your project.

When setting up your aquarium you must have provision for the right level of oxygen in the aquarium. This will be achieved when you have the right air pumps. This will help you to maintain the right oxygen and carbon dioxide, especially in heavily planted aquariums.

I’m certain now that you have read to the middle part of this piece of writing you have discovered that there is more to learn about salt Water Aquarium or Tarting A Salt Water Aquarium, Salt Freshwater Aquarium or even fish Marine Tropical, than meets the eyes, right? If yes, then the rest of this writing will show you a lot more that can make you a professional as regards the topic.

When setting up your saltwater aquarium, you need equipment that will help you to measure the salinity and chemical composition of the water. You need to also take into consideration the lighting and filtration that will make it possible for the combination of fishes that you have to survive.

The major beauty of the aquarium is that you can have the size that you choose for yourself. You can have the one that can easily be placed in your home the one that you think can add beauty to your environment. But you need to know the simple basic steps that are required for setting up an aquarium in your home.

Why a Saltwater Aquarium?

There’s nothing more spectacular than the diversity of the ocean. A Saltwater aquarium setup allows you to bring a little sample of that spectacle into your own living room, containing beautiful saltwater fish, live corals, and more. Compared to plain freshwater tanks (which commonly contain goldfish and other lake-bred fish varieties), there are many more options if you’re planning to choose a saltwater aquarium setup. The fish and other ocean creatures you’ll be able to host range from beautiful to fascinating to downright weird, some displaying flashy colors while others exude a quiet grace.

Types of Saltwater Aquariums?

There are several different setups for a saltwater aquarium, ranging from the simplest to the most complex: a fish-only tank, a FOWLR (fish-only with live rock) tank, and a reef tank. While containing only fish in your tank is the cheapest and easiest to maintain out of the three options, it can be quite exciting to watch coral formations grow and develop over the course of your saltwater tank’s life. The choice comes down to one of investment

The most popular choice and my personal favorite is a reef tank. This is the pinnacle of saltwater aquarium setup and will allow you to host a number of fish, corals, and invertebrates in your new saltwater aquarium. It takes the most effort to set up and maintain however if you are going to make the effort initially you might as well go all out. Seeing a reef develop before your very eyes in your saltwater aquarium is mesmerizing and worth the time and money invested.

Saltwater Aquarium Setup Overview

A saltwater aquarium setup is more involved and complicated than it would be with a freshwater tank, but the results are stunning when done correctly. While you can do much of the planning and decision-making (about which fish and corals and invertebrates to feature), it often pays off to call in an expert for the more technical components of saltwater aquarium setup.

You’ll need to ensure that your tank is leak-proof and level. A filled aquarium can weigh as much as 10 pounds per gallon, meaning that placement and careful setup is critical to ensure that you don’t have hundreds of pounds of water crashing down on your living room. Water needs to be de-chlorinated (or treated via reverse osmosis), before being treated with a salt mix. Checking the pH balance (as well as the balance of nitrite and nitrate) is critical to ensuring that your fish will survive in the water. Before being added to the tank, and fish need to be quarantined and acclimatized to the water content that they’ll be added. This is a lot to manage when first setting up the tank, however, the results are that you’ll have a stunning and well-maintained attraction in your home.

This is just a brief overview of what is involved when deciding to establish a saltwater aquarium. Continue your learning with us at

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