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Should You Hire An Aquarium Care & Maintenance Service Company?

If you own an aquarium, big or small, the idea may have crossed your mind that as much as you love your aquarium you hate having to do all the work of cleaning it. Then the question becomes should I just get rid of the aquarium or should I hire an aquarium service company (also known as aquarium maintenance) to come to deal with the dirty work?

A very common misconception is that having an aquarium service company care for your aquarium will be very expensive and not worth the extra expense. The reality however is that like many things in life if
you shop around you will more than likely be able to find someone to do the aquarium maintenance for
you and at a very reasonable price.

Typically aquarium maintenance is sold either as a flat-rate service or as a base plus extras. In a flat-rate service agreement you typically will agree to a term (some companies as short as 30 days, the longer the better the rates) and all you will do is provide the aquarium. Some companies will even lease the aquarium to business customers eliminating out-of-pocket expenses.

The aquarium service company will then provide you with all of your decors for the interior of the aquarium, which is commonly replaced regularly so you have a ‘fresh’ aquarium, as well as your fish (some fish may be excluded, or there may be an additional upcharge) and your fish food. Marine aquarists really get a break here as salt is usually included in the packages which retail for up to $60 a bucket. In a base plus extras agreement, you typically own all of your own equipment and pay a lower monthly fee but anything outside of regular maintenance will be charged for, possibly at a higher rate than those with a flat-rate service.

There are many advantages to having an aquarium service company maintain your aquarium for you. One of the nicest things is that typically companies are willing to work closely around your schedule and your desire. So if you choose you may never see your service tech, you and your family or business will never have an interruption to your day you just end up having a beautiful aquarium.

Another advantage is most companies will offer 24-hour emergency service in case you had a power outage or pumps were to fail. Rules vary widely from company to company so ask if this is important to you. Also, make certain that someone will actually answer your calls if there is an emergency, it is one thing to say you offer the service, it’s another to deliver. Another advantage is that when using a reputable company you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, they will have answers to any of your questions and vast knowledge of products that do and do not work.

The internet is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to aquarium service companies. It is an excellent tool to compare companies and find out more about the services that they offer. Just apply the same rules you do when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, you probably wouldn’t trust the shack with boarded windows and peeling paint, so don’t trust them online.

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