Symptoms & Treatments Of Aquarium Fish-eye Diseases/disorders (FAQ 2021)

Q: One of my fish’s eyes is popped out to the side.

A: This is called “Pop-Eye”, and is caused by a gram-positive bacteria that affects the kidney.

Treatment: Treat the fish with Erythromycin Powder for a ten-day treatment.

Q: Both of my fish’s eyes are popped out to the side.

A: These are the starting symptoms of Abdominal Dropsy. Very few fish survive this condition.

Treatment: Move the affected fish to an isolation tank and raise the temperature to 84-86 degrees Fahrenheit. Treat the fish with 1 dose of Gentamycin Sulfate Powder and leave the medication in the water for 7 days, with no water changes during treatment time. When treatment is finished, add the carbon back to the filtration, and slowly lower the temperature back to normal over several days time.

Q: My fish have a whitish film covering both eyes.

A: This is a gram-negative bacterial infection and can be treated with a few different antibiotics.

Treatment: For saltwater fish: Kanamycin Sulfate Powder -or- Gentamycin Sulfate Powder.

For freshwater fish: TMP Sulfa Powder -or- Gentamycin Sulfate Powder.

Q: My fish have something small and white lodged inside the eye.

A: Your fish are affected by an Eye Fluke.

Treatment: Treat the fish with Praziquantel -or- De-Los.

Q: One or both of my fish’s eyes have fallen out.

A: Your fish are affected by Tuberculosis. Be careful because this disease is transferable to humans! It is suggested to humanely sacrifice this fish.

Treatment: This fish may be treated with a combination of Kanamycin, and Vitamin B-6. This fish will have to be treated for 30 days minimum time. It is suggested that you call: 520-298-7814 for a consultation before attempting to treat this fish. The aquarium should be drained and sterilized. All equipment should be sterilized also.

Q: My fish has redness and swelling around the eye.

A: The fish may have had an injury to that eye from another aggressive species of fish, or an object in the aquarium or pond. This injury will become infected with gram-negative bacteria such as Aeromonas or Pseudomonas.

Treatment: The fish may be treated with Oxytetracycline Powder -or- Oxolinic Acid Powder -or- Neomycin Sulfate Powder.

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