Well-Known Tropical Fish: Basic Info To Bring Haplochromis sp. Ruby Green

Haplochromis sp. Ruby Green

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  • Common name:  Ruby Green
  • Location and Lake collected from:  Lake Kyoga area
  • Approximate size:  about 4 inches
  • Food: Not picky.  Will eat flake, brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, spirulina, pellet food, and mine will eat Java Moss if given the chance.
  • pH:  7.5 – 8.4
  • Temperature:  75 – 82 degrees F.
  • Breeding behavior:  Mouthbrooder.  I have found that there is less aggression from the males if no rocks are present.  Males chase the females slightly around spawning time under these conditions.  Multiple females for each male with only 1 male per tank recommended.  Females brood for 12 – 18 days with a brood size between 40 – 45 fry for a 2.5-inch female. 
  • Care of the Fry:  Newly released fry can eat crushed flake food, baby brine shrimp, and other small foods.  They should be given several small feedings per day.  Spawns can be kept in a 20 – 30 gallon tank up to an inch in size.  They are not picky about their water conditions.  Males start to develop adult coloration at around 1.5 inches.  I have seen a 1.5-inch female produce 19 fry. 
  • Tankmates:  Should do well with most Mbuna. I have kept mine with Psuedotropheus elongatus “Likoma”, Labidochromis caeruleus, and Neolamprologus tretocephalus.  I have not tried them with anything else.
  • Tank size:  I have 1 male and 4 females in a 20 gallon long aquarium.

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