Algae Issues: Should You Kill Algae In A Saltwater Aquarium Or Reduce It Slowly With These Algae Reducing Tips?

This is a photo of my saltwater aquarium about 8 weeks after setup. As you can see I was experiencing significant algae growth, especially on the substrate. I searched all over the internet and spoke to my local fish store and narrowed this type of brown algae growth down to a few factors. The main factor is light, I was told that the 6 fluorescent tubes in the red sea max 250 hoods need replacing every 6-12 months. As they deteriorate they enter a spectrum that is outside the optimal levels, therefore causing algae growth. My saltwater aquarium is also situated near the front door of my house which has windows on either side, outside light also is in a spectrum that causes algae. I overcame this by temporarily blocking the windows with black plastic until blackout blinds were organized.

Changing light conditions helped considerably however algae growth still seemed abnormal. Lets be clear, algae growth is normal and there cant be a successful saltwater aquarium ecosystem without algae growth. The next thing to look at was my flow, its amazing how changing the direction of the power heads can create different flow coverage. I also added a vortex power head to the side of the saltwater aquarium to provide additional flow.

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Finally, I decided that I would begin using fresh saltwater from my LFS instead of mixing saltwater. A month later I noticed a significant reduction in the pesky brown algae. I have used primarily fresh saltwater ever since, I still top up with fresh RO water. I conduct simple 10% changes every 10 days. I find this much easier and by doing so my levels are relatively stable most of the time and I require few if any additives.

This last photo is a shot probably about 3 months later showing the significant change in clarity and reduction in algae. As you can see the water appears clearer and the intensity of the lighting is much stronger. It took the fish and corals a day or so to adjust to the new lighting however no casualties. As you can see it took a while for my anemones to get comfortable however they stay put after this.

Should You Kill Algae In A Saltwater Aquarium Or Reduce It Slowly With These Algae Reducing Tips?

Algae is one of the most common problems that owners of saltwater tanks have to deal with. It is also the most frustrating because nothing can take away from the beauty of your tank tank faster then saltwater aquarium algae can.

What Causes Saltwater Aquarium Algae To Grow?

Algae can be traced back to one main component and that is excess nutrients in the aquarium water. Without these nutrients algae would have nothing to feed its growth. These nutrients are nitrates and phosphates, they are added to the tank from fish waste and uneaten fish food.

How to Kill Algae In a Saltwater Aquarium?

First, you must understand that algae are growing in your saltwater tanks for a reason and it is keeping your dissolved nutrients at safe levels. Killing it would cause your nitrate levels to spike and cause possible harm to your fish so killing it off quickly is not in your best interest. instead, you need to take a series of steps to choke of its food supply and slowly starve it out.

Tips For Reducing Saltwater Aquarium Algae

  • Evaluate your stocking levels and make sure your system is not overstocked, if it is remove fish until adequate stocking levels are reached
  • Do not overfeed your fish and only feed as much as they can eat in a minute. Be sure to shut all pumps off when you need to make sure the fish can get all of the food.
  • Make sure you have adequate-sized filters and protein skimmers and maintain them properly. Cleaning your filters every two weeks is a good practice but you may need to do it more or less frequent depending on your tank and the fish you have
  • Try and use purified reverse osmosis or de ionized water instead of tap water for making synthetic seawater because most tap water has high nitrate and phosphate levels

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