Freshwater Fish Guide 2021

Here you can find information on a wide range of freshwater species. We provide this fish information as a service to aquarists. The species presented here are grouped by family or sub-order.

Characins I:Tetras
Characins II:Other Characins including hatchetfish, headstanders, pencilfish, serrasalmids & more
Cyprinids I:Goldfish
Cyprinids II:Barbs, Danios & rasboras
Cyprinids III:Loaches, sharks, foxes, plus other cyprinids
Catfish I:South American catfish inc Corydoras
Catfish II:African, Asian & Australian catfish
ToothcarpsLivebearers and Killifish
Labyrinth fishBettas (fighting fish), gouramis, paradise fish
CichlidsCichlids include angelfish, discus and all other cichlids. They are subdivided into African and American cichlids as follows:
American cichlids 1:Dwarf cichlids and eartheaters
American cichlids 2:Acara type cichlids, heroines (inc Discus & angelfish) & other American cichlids
African cichlids 1:Lake Malawi cichlids (including mbunas) & Haplochromines
African cichlids 2:Lake Tanganyikan cichlids & African riverine cichlids
Rainbowfish & relatives, galaxiasRainbows, Blue-eyes, silversides, plus galaxias
Perches & relativesPerches, basses, cods, grunters, glassfish, pygmy perch
Brackish water fishIncluding scats, monos, barramundi, saratogas etc
Gobies, Gudgeons & other fishIncluding knifefish, mormyrids and more

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