Aquarium Addiction: You Know You Are Addicted When…

  • you take better care of your tanks than you do your vehicle.
  • the first thing that moves when you move is your tanks.
  • your tanks get their own room.
  • your idea of a vacation is going to look for cool new things for your aquarium at pet stores.
  • your idea of going to the lake means looking for new and interesting plants and fish for your tanks.
  • you go into a pet store and the employees ask you what kind of plants or fish they have.
  • you buy fish as an excuse to buy another tank.
  • you use the excuse “Ahh come on honey the next tank will be yours I promise” to get another tank.
  • your daughter can identify more species of fish than most pet store employees.
  • the refrigerator is bare except for the frozen fish food.
  • you make weekly trips to the lumber yard to make more tank stands.
  • touring houses for sale, you look at the garage and automatically start figuring out how many tanks will fit in there.
  • your spouse gives you the option of your tanks going into the garage or you going into the garage and you decide to put your bed out there instead of your tanks.
  • you buy a $200 water purification system for your fish tank while you’re still drinking out of the tap.

You get 1 point for every one of these that applies to you. Check your score below to see how you rank.

0-5 points

The beginning of a problem.

6 – 10 points

Time to check yourself into fishkeepers anonymous.

11 – 15 points

It’s official, you are addicted.

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