14+ Column Aquarium Fish Tanks Ideas Best For Space Saving

An aquarium is a beautiful addition to any home or office. The beautiful fish moving gracefully in a lush, green plant-filled environment of an aquarium are a treat to watch. Not everyone has the kind of space required to place large conventional aquariums in their homes. 

Column Aquariums are a great solution to small spaces, as they are upright tanks, taking more space vertically than horizontally. They might take up a very small amount of space, but they provide a large viewing area as they are very tall aquariums. They can be placed neatly in the corner of a room, or right in the middle as an attention-grabbing centerpiece.

There are many types of column tanks available that are made of various materials. The best and most popular choice is the acrylic column aquarium as they are extremely clear and light-weight. They are the strongest aquariums available and will not break easily like their glass counterparts and have aesthetic rounded corners and don’t require silicone to hold their edges together.

Planted Column Aquarium

Vertical Tall Column Aquarium

Large Cylinder Column Aquarium

Modern White Column Aquarium

Modern Black Column Aquarium

Column Aquarium On Stand

Reef Huge Aquarium Column

Stainless Steel Column Aquarium

Column Fish Tank For Small Apartment

Led Column Aquarium

Small Column Aquarium Design For Living Room

Saltwater Column Aquarium

Column Fish Tank Against Wall

Freshwater Column Aquarium

Regular fish tanks made of glass come in typical square or rectangular forms as their corners have to be held together by silicone. It is also very hard to shape glass, so tanks made of glass don’t offer too many choices of shape. Acrylic column aquariums are very versatile and can come in various sizes and shapes.

These tall aquariums made out of acrylic are not only 50% lighter than similar-sized glass tanks, but they also offer 20% more insulation than glass ones. Enhanced insulation means better regulation of temperature, allowing the introduction of a variety of fish and plant life into the aquarium. Better insulation also decreases energy needs for the maintenance of a good equilibrium in the tank.

A common misunderstanding about column aquariums that are made of acrylic is that the transparency of such aquariums would be affected due to the increased insulation provided and also the strength of acrylic, resulting in a hazy view. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Acrylic is capable of passing the most light when compared to any other known material; it is actually glass aquariums that often inhibit the transmission of light. An acrylic column aquarium boasts a 93% transparency rating which means that it is just as clear as high-quality optical glass. All this at just 50% the weight of a traditional glass aquarium, making the process of transporting these column aquariums very simple.

Column aquariums do have a few cons though. Acrylic can get scratched easily though it won’t break. Cleaning must be done very carefully using special cleaning pads. There are products available on the market that can be applied on scratched acrylic surfaces to remove the scratches and bring the tanks back to their old glory.

And due to the shape and height of these tall tanks, it can be quite a pain to reach down to the bottom and clean them thoroughly. But with all the new models now built to handle most of these cons, you will find them a thing of the past. 

Column aquariums are a great addition to any kind of space and a boon for fish enthusiasts who are not blessed with a lot of space in their homes. As the popularity of these tall aquariums goes up, prices will come down and they will soon replace traditional glass tanks due to their versatility, strength, lightness, and excellent display qualities.

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