What Is A Nano Tank Aquarium? – Beginner Guide 2022

What is a nano tank?

A nano tank is a micro aquarium, generally less than 10-15 gallons capacity. The nano tanks that we use are 6-gallon aquariums. Unlike larger fish tanks and aquariums, these small fish tanks fit comfortably into today’s living. We regard the nano aquarium as “living” furniture, offering you the chance to have a slice of the ocean in your home.

What’s in the nano tank?

Each nano tank is supplied complete with a glass aquarium, lighting hood, tube lighting, internal pump, heater, and thermostat. And of course, each nano tank comes complete with a slice of the ocean… That can include clownfish the stars of fish tanks, saltwater marine tank mates (such as snails, hermit crabs, mini starfish and cleaner shrimp), live rock, and sand.

Where can I put my nano tank?

The flexible nature of our nano tank aquariums allows for various applications in your home, office, or shop. Amongst other applications, our nano tanks are ideal for placement on a console table in a hallway, in a child’s bedroom, a living room area, or as a desktop aquarium. 

The aquariums can also be provided with free-standing cabinetry produced by ourselves. Cabinetry is available in black, charcoal grey, or light dove grey in a choice of satin or high gloss finish and with a matching hood. Custom colors of your choice are also available.

Popular livestock for nano tank


Clownfish are the most interesting fish for a saltwater marine tank environment. Sometimes a pair of clownfish will bond and if they do, it is for life – they come across like an old married couple.

Often known as nemo fish – the Disney movie “Finding Nemo” probably has something to do with the incredible popularity of this fish.

Clownfish have a unique way of swimming, unlike any other fish – they waddle and seem like a puppy dog when it comes to greeting you. The orange, white and black coloration of the Ocellaris clownfish is fascinating. The striking colors almost make them look hand-painted.

  • Clownfish are found associating with anemones throughout the Indo-Pacific.
  • There are 27 different species of Clownfish
  • In captivity Clownfish live from 3-6 years, although they have been known to live up to 20 years.
  • The Ocellaris clownfish can reach a length of 3.2 inches in the wild, though aquarium specimens rarely exceed 2 inches.

Yellowtail Damselfish

The yellowtail damsel is a gorgeous colourful fish. The energizing yellow tail contrasts with its beautiful irredescent blue body. Their colour looks stunning against any backdrop, but particularly with corals and live rock. The Yellowtail damselfish is an excellent addition to the small nano aquarium.

Clean-up Crew

What is a clean-up crew? You can think of the clean-up crew as the janitors of your nano tank marine aquarium. The clean-up crew consists of marine snails, mini starfish, hermit crabs and shrimp.

Turbo Snails

The turbo snail is a powerhouse that keeps live rock and aquarium glass free of algae. This peaceful snail boasts and interesting shell and is a smart addition to your aquarium clean-up crew. The turbo snail is found in holes and crevices of the reef in the Indo-Pacific ocean. It has a bumpy shell shaped like a top or turban, generally in varying earth tones including white, tan or brown. The foot of the snail is white with fine black dots.

Blue-legged Hermit Crab

Blue legged reef Hermit Crabs are native to the Pacific reefs found bordering the USA. This crab is also known as a Dwarf Blue and Equal-Handed Hermit Crab. Their diet is limited to algae and uneaten foods. This dietary preference makes it an ideal candidate for the reef aquarium, as they will concentrate on eating filamentous algae and cyanobacteria. Hermit Crabs will spend their time climbing across live rock and the substrate in search of their next meal.

Cleaner Shrimp

Often found in groups, the Cleaner Shrimp will set up a cleaning station on coral reefs or rubble, waiting for fish to come and be cleaned. It feeds on ectoparasites or dead tissue that it picks from the body and oral cavities/gills of fish in the wild or in the aquarium. To see this wonderful creature performing it’s duties is a sight not to be missed. With it’s striking red and yellow colours, the cleaner shrimp makes a great addition to the clean-up crew in your marine fish nano tank.

Mini Starfish

Just so cute & so colorful!

Moon Jellyfish

Majestic and graceful, these creatures have always been hard to keep in an aquarium till now. With the new types of aquarium and filtration systems they can be kept in the home environment. Being translucent the jellyfish pick up coloured lighting so we provide blue led moonlight in the aquarium. It makes the jellyfish come alive and to the viewing pleasure at living aquarium design we have develop two new jellyfish aquariums.

We provide a frozen jellyfish food specially formulated for jellyfish, made from plankton and unsaturated fatty acids, which is essential for proper nutrition.

The sizes available to rent are:

  • 70-litre aquarium, a simple air bubble pump system, which can hold 3-4 small moon Jellys.
  • 95 litre aquarium, this one has an internal filtration system and the whole system is a kreisal, which is a circular motion so the jelly fish don’t get stuck in the corners of the aquarium, this holds 6-7 small jelly’s or 4 large Jellys.

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