How To Choose The Right Filter For Your Fish Tank?

Probably the most crucial part of an aquarium is the filter. Aquarium filtration systems take away damaging chemicals and contaminants from your fish’s habitat and preserve the quality of the water. Aquarium filters will work well only if they are uncontaminated and so they need to be cleaned and maintained frequently. They are very significant as the life of the beautiful fish elegantly adorning your aquarium depends heavily on the water quality. Known brands available today offer quality filters to suit most kinds of aquarium. There are three types of aquarium filters available on the market today. Let’s check them, one by one.  

Mechanical Filtration Systems

A mechanical filter functions by catching filth and waste particles that are present in the aquarium water in fibrous pads (filter elements) located in the filter itself. Gradually, these particles will accumulate in the filter element and obstruct it. Prolonged presence of these particles is toxic to the fish. This kind of filter system should be cleaned frequently. Mechanical filters have filter elements that are typically made of polyester. These filter elements can also come in an assortment of materials such as foam sponge, filter wool and pressed fibers. You can choose any of the assorted models offered on the market external or internal filter systems.

Chemical Filtration Systems

The most common kind of chemical filters are the charcoal filters. This type of filter has activated charcoal which is useful at taking away most common contaminants from the aquarium water. Charcoal filters function by letting the activated charcoal soak up all the unsafe substances floating in your tank’s water. One more common type of filter utilized in home tanks is the carbon filter; these filters are very good at eliminating big quantities of contamination and function very well when used together with mechanical filters. But it is vital to keep in mind that any type of filter will only work well when it’s clean. It is necessary to test the filter from time to time and replace its components when they get too filthy.

Biological Filtration Systems

Biological filters also called Bio-filtration systems, is certainly the most efficient filters for your tank. This is due mainly because they are able to filter out chemical particles that are too minute for other filtration systems to remove. We are speaking of contaminants so minute that they are invisible to the unaided eye. Biological Filtration Systems function by letting the “good” micro organisms to flourish inside the aquarium; these micro organisms absorb and process the waste excreted by the fish changing toxic by-product into harmless by-products allowing the proper substance equilibrium in the tank. This is very important to the well-being of the fish in the tank.  

What Filters Work Best

Depending on the kind, purpose and dimension of your aquarium, you can decide from a diversity of capacities and forms of filters. A frequent choice is to utilize a box corner filter made from plastic that can house all the various filtration elements commonly used on aquariums. Another familiar type of filter is the gravel filter. This is normally positioned below the gravel of the tank and linked to air pumps and canister filters that are placed on the side of the aquarium that contain an internal pump which is connected to a sealed container that catches waste and suspended grime.

It is also necessary to consider the type, size and number of your fish when you pick a filtration system for your tank. Particularly in the case of a tank with tiny or baby fish, sponge type filters are necessary as they protect the little ones from getting sucked into the filter. A combination of filters explained here will keep your aquarium water clean and your fish secure and strong.

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