Looking For A Fish Less Sensitive In Food? Tips You Should Know About Neochromis Rufocaudalis

Neochromis rufocaudalis

  • Common name:  Formerly known as nigricans.  Nigricans is only located at Entebbe and many former species that were known in the aquarium trade have been reclassified.
  • Lake and Location collected from:  Saa Nane Island, Lake Victoria
  • Approximate size:  About 3.5 inches
  • Food:  Should accept most foods.  Mine have eaten flake food and daphnia without hesitation.  Mine occasionally scrape algae off of the glass and rocks in the tank.  They have even eaten the Java Moss I put in their tank.  In the wild, this species eats mainly epilithic algae, but can also eat plankton, insect larvae or prawns depending on the season and the availability of food.
  • pH:  7.6 – 8.3
  • Temperature:  76 – 82 degrees F.
  • Breeding behavior:  Mouthbrooder.  No less than 3 females for each male are recommended. My male is constantly chasing my females.  I have tried taking the rocks out to reduce aggression but had to put the rocks back in so the females could hide.  My male gets even more aggressive around spawning time. They seem to do better and be less aggressive with a lot of other fish in the tank. 
  • Tankmates:  Should do well with Mbuna, and some Tanganyikans.  I have mine in with a Labidochromis sp. Hongi male.  I have seen them kept with Haplochromis “Red Head nyererei”, Lipochromis sp. Matumbi Hunter, Paralabidochromis chilotes, Paralabidochromis chromogynos, Paralabidochromis sp. Rock Kribensis, Haplochromis sp. All Red from Lake Edward, Astatotilapia latifasciata, and with Pundamilia nyererei Ruti Island.
  • Tank size:  I keep 1 male and 4 females in a 20-gallon long aquarium.
  • Additional notes:  The species known in the aquarium trade as Neochromis nigricans was found to be different from the species officially classified as nigricans and therefore was reclassified under the name Neochromis rufocaudalis by Ole Seehausen in 1998.

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