Plant For Your Fish Tank: How To Keep “Giant Hygro”

“Giant Hygro” (50739 bytes)

  • Scientific Name: Hygrophila salicifolia or Hygrophila stricta
  • Common Name: Giant Hygro
  • Approximate Size:  
  • pH Range: 5 – 9+
  • Temperature Range: 60 – 84
  • Lighting: Does well in moderate or bright light
  • How to keep: Does well planted in the substrate or can be left to float on the surface.
  • How to propagate: Grows well from cuttings and if individual leaves are left floating they will grow roots also.
  • Prohibited in the US: I have not seen this species of Hygrophila listed as banned, but several other species of Hygrophila are on the banned species list. (39690 bytes)

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