Types of Fish Feed/Flakes, Chips, Pellets

There are different types and different shapes of fish food that are available in the market. This point needs to be understood that all food types are not suitable for all fishes but fishes have different tastes. For example, goldfish can eat water-soaked food. Here in this article, we have described different types of fish feed that they eat.

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1- Fish pellets

Fish pellets are good for the fishes that are mid-water feeders and eat from the bottom of the aquarium. This type of food cannot float over the surface and is stuck in the middle of water or fell to the bottom. Fish pellets fish food is available in different shapes like star, round, and square and they have the ability to soak in the water. It can be sock complete or primary depending on the formation. Most fishes love semi-soaked food as it is easy to eat.

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2- Fish flakes

Fish flakes are the most popular and favorite food of fish. All types of fish love flake food and it is suitable for all aquarium fishes. Fish flakes float over the surface and it is easy to eat. This type of food is also available in different flavors that your fish may like. At first, the food floats over the surface and then starts dissolving into the aquarium water.  

3- Fish sticks

Fish sticks are not as popular as fish flakes but are liked by fish. This food type is also floating food that floats over the surface of the water. Its shape is a small light stick that is good for medium and large fishes as well.

4- Fish wafers

Fish wafers are soft and water-absorbent food. It absorbs water and fell into the bottom of the aquarium tank. This food can retain its shape after absorbing water and is loved by fishes who like dissolved food from the bottom of the aquarium tank.

5- Fish chips

Fish chips are like small disc-type food for fish. They are for the larger species of the aquarium and are also liked by the smaller species. It will be soaked in water and become wet which most of the fish like.

6- Natural foods

Natural food is supposed to be the best food for aquarium species. It includes algae, plants, and vegetables and fishes love to eat that.


From the above types of fish feed, it is concluded that fishes have a variety of tastes and choices. You can select food on the basis of what your fish liked to eat. If your fish is short mouth you should feed them flakes that they easily eat. If you have large fish species you can with the fish chips or fish pellets etc. Also, you can feed them fish wafers. But lastly, it all depends on your fish choice. So make sure you feed them with the food they like.  

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