Types of Aquarium Sharks/Which are best and which are not

If you are looking to add some amazing fish to your tank then aquarium freshwater sharks are a great option to add to your aquarium. In this article, we have discussed different types of aquarium sharks and which are the best tank sharks for your aquarium.

What are Freshwater tank sharks?

Before finding the best shark for your aquarium we will see what freshwater sharks are. They are not real sharks. They are aquarium fishes that have similarities to sharks which is why are known as aquarium sharks. They are as aggressive as the real sharks are but they do not have sharp teeth which is good. These fishes are small in size almost 6 inches and low weight. They are also available in different colors that look amazing in the aquarium.

So here in this article, we have described a few of the freshwater aquarium sharks that you can keep in your aquariums.

 Freshwater Aquarium Sharks

1- Rainbow Shark

A Rainbow shark is a 5-6 inches long fish that has semi- aggressive nature. They have the scientific name Epalzeorhynchos Frenatum. You can keep that fish in 65 gallons water aquarium with a 6.5-8 pH level. They can feed from the algae. They are omnivorous and found in Thailand and Cambodia.

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Due to their semi-aggressive behavior, you can keep them but remember that they are not good to keep the aquarium clean. Before keeping them you must analyze their behavior because they can fight with other fishes in the aquarium. So only keep those fishes with them that are able to fight and defend themselves.  

2- Bala Shark

Bala shark is a 12-14 inches long fish that are very peaceful in nature. They are found in Southeast Asia and they are also omnivorous. The scientific name of the Bala shark is Balantiocheilos melanopterus. Bala sharks love flowing water and you can keep them with other fishes as they are calm ones. One thing you should remember while having these fish keep the aquarium covered because they are good jumpers.

3- The Roseline Shark

The scientific name of the Roseline shark is Sahyadria denisonii. They are also very peaceful fishes having an adult size of 4 inches. They are found in India and are omnivorous. They are the most colorful aquarium sharks available for freshwater aquariums. With silver sparkly body and black strips over the body from nose to tail make this fish attractive. Roseline sharks are very social they like company so keep them with other fish.


The above-mentioned shark fish are the best sharks to keep in aquariums. Although they are not real sharks they are aggressive as real sharks are. Their streamlined body and shape make it looks like the actual shark. We have selected a few of the best and calm freshwater aquarium sharks that you can keep with your other aquarium fish and they will not harm them. You can select which one you want to keep if you are looking for tank shark fish.

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