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Why fish tank water is cloudy and how to fix it

Why fish tank water is cloudy and how to fix it If you are also facing cloudy water after cleaning your aquarium or after changing this article will be helpful. In this article we will tell you why this happens and how can you fix fish tank cloudy water.

Why fish tank water is cloudy and how to fix it Why this happens

It happens most of the time that when you clean your aquarium or change the water of your aquarium the water becomes cloudy. This happens mostly due to the micro bacteria in the fish tank but there can be more reasons that cause this problem. Finding the exact reason behind cloudy water is not easy but there are a few possible reasons for this.

1- Bacterial bloom

In the fish water tank, bacterial blooms are present. These bacterial blooms are colonies of bacteria that grow inside the tank and cause cloudy water. Bacterial blooms rapidly grow if your tank has a high amount of organic waste. Although this process takes time and does not immediately make tank water cloudy.

You can easily determine that bacterial blooms using aquarium light and if you feel that they are growing, clean the water immediately because this can be dangerous for the fish. Clean the water or replace it. It will take 2-3 days after maintenance to clean properly.  

2- Uncleaned gravel

Uncleaned gravel is another reason for cloudy fish tank water. This happens when you do not clean your fish tank properly there is sand and other waste material that cannot be cleaned properly and this causes this. For this reason, you need to clean the gravel properly with an aquarium vacuum and remove all the dust from the water.

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3- Dead Fish

If there is a dead fish in the tank it will also make the water cloudy and dirty. All the bacteria of the dead fish spread all over the tank. For this reason, you need to separate the sick fish from all other fishes. If there is dead fish remove it immediately before it causes other fish death.

4- Excess Nitrogen

I have seen that the tank water becomes cloudy when there is excess nitrogen. You can then measure it by using an aquarium test kit. It usually happens when you add fresh water to the tank the nitrogen level of the water increases due to the tank filter. It increases at the start when the filter is on and makes the water cloudy. But after sometimes nitrogen levels are balanced and the tank becomes clear.

5- Algae

Algae in the water tank also cause cloudy tank water if it’s not cleaned on time. You can use an algae scraper to clean the tank from algae. If the algae in the tank water increase it can also cause oxygen blockage and other issues other than cloudy water. So it is better to remove the algae on time before.Why fish tank water is cloudy and how to fix it

Why fish tank water is cloudy and how to fix it How to avoid cloudy water in the water tank

  • You should keep maintaining your aquarium
  • Check water minerals levels
  • Clean aquarium water accurately
  • Keep cleaning aquarium algae and bacteria
  • Do not add too much food
  • Use aquarium filter for cleaning micro bacteria

Why fish tank water is cloudy and how to fix it Conclusion

There are several things that can cause a cloudy water tank. But this can usually cause by bacteria and algae. You can clean your water and make it clear by following certain steps. We hope you like our content and it will help you to clean your aquarium water tank.

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