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Types of Killifish for Aquarium/ Colorful Killifish

Types of Killifish for Aquarium,Killifish are the type of fish that are found in Africa, South Asia, and North and South America. Killifish are 6 inches long and most of the time they are only 1-2 inches. They have dorsal fins that are close to their fins and they have an inverted mouth to feed from the surface. Here in this article, we will see types of killifish for aquariums.

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Types of Killifish for Aquarium Annual Killifish

Annual killifish are found in ponds and lakes. They are only found in the rainy season when there is a lot of water and die when the water dries. They have a very short life span and can last less than a year. Every season new annual killifish hatch and after the water dries they died.

1- Nothobranchius rochovii

This killifish is found in Africa and is 2.5 inches long. This fish is one of the most adopted fishes for the aquarium and they are of perfect size for the aquarium and are beautiful. They are colorful and in aquarium light, they sparkle that looks great. This presents a beautiful view that everyone likes. This fish is known as the blue notho.

2- Nothobranchius Guentheri

The origin of this fish is also Africa and this fish is 2.5 inches long. The life span of these fishes is about 1 year. This fish has a red tail and is usually known as the red tail fish of the aquarium. Their anal and dorsal fins are big and red.

3- Jordanella Floridae

This fish is found in North America and is the longest among all fishes. It has a lifespan of 2-3 years which is why is best for aquariums. These fishes are also known as flagfish that is because of the flag pattern on them. They are beautiful aquarium fishes with green and blue speckles. I like these fishes and also recommend you if you are going to get an aquarium.

4- Austrolebias Nigripinnis

This aquarium Killifish is found in South America and is 2.75 inches long. Their lifespan is short which is only 8 months. It has black fins which is why its common name is blackfin pearlfish. It has larger anal and dorsal fins. They have a blue and black base color and have vertical stripes on the body.


Killifish are small fishes that are aquarium fishes. They are colorful and look beautiful. That is why are used in aquariums. There are different types of killifish and they differ by origin, color contrast, life span, and size. If you have a large aquarium tank you can go and buy the largest killifish which has a long lifespan otherwise go for the small one.   

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