When should I feed my fish for the first time?

Before knowing when should I feed my fish for the first time? We must know that there is a myth that does not feed your fish until it has spent 24 hours in the tank. This is totally wrong and the worst advice. People may think that the new fish may take time to adjust to its new surrounding which is why it avoid eating. That may be true somehow but not feeding for 24 hours is totally insane.

Whenever you introduce a new tank to your fish try to understand that your fish required time to adjust. Sometimes they get stressed out and stop eating until they get familiar with the new tank. This is not the rule that all fishes do the same but according to experiences that most fishes do the same and avoid eating.

That is why it is necessary that do not to feed your fish right after shifting your fish to the new tank. But give it time to settle and add some rocks and aquarium toys as well in the tank so that fish will try to be normal and like the place. It is important that your fish like the new place so if you’re ever shifting your fish into the new place make sure your fish like its new house.

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If you have to buy new fish you must then check what it likes to eat because giving eating their favorite food will lessen their stress and make it easy to adjust to a new place. Similarly, if you already own a fish but changes its tank you already knew what your fish likes the most. Feed your fishes what they like. You can give them food after some time when you feel that your fish is adjusting. First, try to add a little food if your fishes start eating it means you can add more. If they are avoiding food try not to add more and give them time. After some time again try to add some food and see what your fish do keep repeating this process until your fish start eating food.


After reading this article you will be able to know when should I feed my fish for the first time. It is normal that when a fish is introduced to the new tank it stops eating food and tries to understand the place. This food strike can be long but normally it is less than 24 hours. In this time do not force your fish to eat and give it time. Try to make the place comfortable and better than the previous one. After some time your fish start behaving normally and start eating.

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