Do Not Recommend To Put Aggressive One Together! About Placidochromis Electra

Placidochromis electra

  • Description: Males are a metallic blue color with a black bar that runs down through the eye and a black bar behind the gills and faint barring on the remainder of the body. Females are a silvery color with the same barring pattern.
  • Common Names:  electra Deep Water Hap
  • Location Collected From:  Likoma Island primarily for export but also found at Chiwindi, Lumbaulo, Mara Point, Lumessi, and Ntekete.
  • Approximate Size:  7 – 9 inches with females slightly smaller.  This is the biggest size I have seen, but they could get bigger than this.
  • Food:  Ate everything I offered them and scraped algae off of the rocks in the aquarium.
  • Water Conditions:  Tolerates a range from 7.5 – 8.5 pH and 75 – 82 degrees F.
  • Breeding Behavior:  Mouthbrooder.   Males tend to be docile towards the females until spawning time.  They are more of an open water fish but enjoy rock work and caves as well.  Males will defend their territory somewhat aggressively.  I’m not sure what kind of spawn size they have because I never got any fry from them.
  • Tankmates:  Does well with Peacocks, Utaka, and Labidochromis.  Psuedotropheus and other aggressive Mbuna are not recommended.  

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